Ida’s Quest, Miss Traill’s House, Bathurst

It's a story about 11 year-old Ida Traill's quest to become the keeper of her family's memories and stories.

miss-traills-house-idas-quest-introTravel with Ida to Bathurst on a five day visit to Grandma and Grandpa.

Help Ida solve the six riddles to save her family’s history.

See if you can spot the clues before she does.

Ida’s Quest is designed to engage learners in an exploration of history. Although the website is based around a fictitious narrative, it uses real people and places. The content and approach of the website is devised to assist teachers of Stage 2 and 3 students (8 – 12 year olds) for Human Society and Its Environment in the content area of Change and Continuity and Environments.


Ida Traill was a fourth generation descendant of William Lee and Thomas Kite, both of whom settled in Bathurst by 1818. Ida became interested in family from childhood contact with her grandfather George Lee and his wife, Emily (nee Kite) who lived at Leeholme, a large homestead close to Bathurst.

Through inheritance and purchase Ida acquired a significant collection of artefacts relating to four generations of the Lee family in Bathurst. These items, together with her own furniture, furnishings, paintings and ceramics were left to the National Trust in 1976 along with the house and grounds at 321 Russell Street, Bathurst.

The Ida’s Quest narrative uses the characters of Miss Ida Traill as an 11 year old girl, her grandparents George and Emily Lee as well as other real characters of historical Bathurst to provide a richly textured portrait of Bathurst in 1901.

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