History in a Box is a hands-on learning kit giving you the opportunity to explore aspects of the daily lives of children in the nineteenth century.

History in a Box is undergoing a re-vamp and will be unavailable for bookings from July 2016.

Please keep an eye on this page and we will update these details as soon as the product is back up and running. 


The outreach box and program is based on the lives of the Sargood family at the mansion house Rippon Lea from the 1860’s to the early 1900’s. Studying this once prominent Melbourne family students analyse and interpret historically significant items including documents, objects, photographs and memoirs.

Exploring facets of Victorian life such as games, education, family life, photography, domestic work and etiquette a student project enables them to trace and document their own heritage. Through activities they consider the significance of earlier times and understand how the past shapes the present.

This hands on approach to learning gives students a fun and interactive way to explore and engage with artifacts from the past. The activities have been carefully and thoughtfully developed in order to cater for the diverse learning styles of students.

History in a Box can be combined with a visit to Rippon Lea and a visit to your school from Mrs Sargood.


History in a Box Incursion

Year Levels: P to Yr 6 (highly recommended for Yrs 2-4)
Duration:Teachers guide with numerous activities
Numbers:Recommended for a single class at a time
Location:Delivered to your school from our office in East Melbourne
Resources:Teachers Guide preview
Cost:$460 per week (includes courier fee to have the box delivered to your school and then returned to us) +$40 additional days
Bookings:Online Booking Form or Email: bookings@nattrust.com.au

A hands-on learning program explore the daily lives of children in the Victorian era

History in a Box activities include

- ink pen writing
- flash cards of occupations
- photographs of children in the 19th Century
- cooking activities
- children's memoirs
- slate and pencil
- arithmetic and reader exercises from nineteenth century textbooks

Learning from authentic records

Images and memoirs are taken from historic archives at Rippon Lea and are rare, authentic records of family and social life of Australian children in the nineteenth century.

Let your primary students (Level 2 - 5) open the Box for a fun hands-on experience of history.

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