Making a Difference: The Value of Volunteering

The vision of the National Trust (NSW) is to ‘bring heritage to life.’ This vision is not carried forward by a select few – it is the result of the collective effort of many, including our wonderful volunteers. Volunteering with the National Trust is more than just lending a hand. It’s about being part of a cause that safeguards our past and secures our future. There are many reasons why our volunteers join us.

Preserving heritage

National Trust volunteers are guardian of our State’s built, cultural and natural heritage. From preserving a building to maintaining a lush garden or protecting beautiful collections, volunteers ensure these treasures and stories endure for generations.

Community and camaraderie

Volunteers become part of a passionate community of like-minded individuals. They forge friendships, create lasting memories and share a love for heritage, cultural and nature.

Connect with nature

If you’re a nature enthusiast, volunteering with us offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

Learn, grow and explore

Volunteering is a journey of self-discovery and skill development. At the National Trust you will receive training, guidance and a chance to hone your abilities in various fields.

Leave a legacy

Volunteer work isn’t just for today. It is an investment in the future. Volunteering leaves a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Joining the National Trust as a volunteer is a straightforward process. Visit our website to apply online or drop into our nearest National Trust property. We have a diverse number of volunteer opportunities from visitor engagement, tour guiding, retail, preserving collections, gardening, maintenance and administration. Make a tangible impact by dedicating your time and expertise to our projects and properties. Your contribution no matter how big or small is a vital part of a larger mission to protect and preserve our heritage for future generations.

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