We are entrusted with treasures of place and history and take pride in conserving them to share stories with future generations.

Each year, tens of thousands of visitors are inspired by the conversations, place tours, events and programs we develop to help the community learn stories of our state.

By leaving a gift to the National Trust in your Will, you become one of the respected people who directly contribute to this cause. Your thoughtful gift will help the National Trust care for places and collections that represent the heritage of our state and tell stories that connect our past with future generations.

Why gift to the National Trust?

A bequest, or gift by Will, is the greatest commitment that you can make to support the National Trust’s vital work in heritage conservation.

Preserving and telling stories is our reason for being. And when a gift is bequeathed to the National Trust, we understand that you recognise the significance of our cultural and natural heritage too.

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Leaving a gift to the National Trust

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