Help raise funds for Conservation and interpretation of South Australia's heritage.

Heritage Appeals
The National Trust of South Australia establishes and administers heritage appeals on behalf of local governments and community groups to raise funds for conservation and interpretation of South Australia’s heritage

Ayers House Chandelier Appeal

We need your help to make the Ayers House chandeliers shine again. The original crystals have been dulled by dust and smoke over the years and have lost their brightness. Some have been damaged or lost and need to be replaced. The wiring and copper work needs to be updated.The National Trust invites you to join us in restoring Henry Ayers’ vision splendid. We are working to clean, conserve and restore our magnificent chandeliers and return them to full public display.

Become a crystal angel by adopting one of our chandelier crystals and you will help restore and preserve them to last another 150 years. For a small tax deductible donation of $25 or more you will be registered in perpetuity as one of our crystal angels. Further, you will be invited to join us for a special celebration when the conservation work is complete and the crystals shine again. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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