Workshop and Restoration Tour

The Workshop and Restoration Tour will take visitors on a guided tour behind the scenes at the Ballarat Tramway Museum to see how the fleet of vintage trams are maintained and restored.

Many visitors have been for a ride on Ballarat’s historic trams, but not many have seen how those trams are kept in a working condition. Several of the tram have been completely restored after being found on farms, parks, back yards, and even inside houses! Nearly all the trams in the fleet are over 100 years old, and have travelled over a million miles each. This tour will take you into the workshop, were you can see the restoration work in progress, and our expert volunteers will be on hand to explain the problems and processes used to keep our transport history alive. After the tour, visitors have the opportunity to take a ride on one of the restored trams along the only surviving section of Ballarat’s 130 year old tramway network.

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Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree, Victoria
The Museum is located on the south side of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens
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By donation
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