Westgarthtown – Melbourne’s Hidden Gem

No heritage in the suburbs - think again!
Westgarthtown - where Victoria’s oldest German immigrant buildings and suburbia meet.

Hidden within the suburban blocks of Thomastown and Lalor, is Ziebell’s Farmhouse Museum and Heritage Garden, which tells the history of Westgarthtown, an historic dairy farming settlement established in the 1850’s by German and Wendish immigrants.

Many of Westgarthtown’s outstanding bluestone heritage buildings and structures still survive. These include Ziebell’s Farmhouse (c.1850-51), Victoria’s oldest German immigrant building; a picturesque Lutheran Cemetery (1850); and Australia’s oldest operating Lutheran Church (1856).

Your visit includes our heritage garden featuring 70 roses, with the first planted in the early 1860’s. There are many other plants, and you can sit to enjoy the tranquillity.

You can also take in our award winning, Turning Back to Edgars Creek exhibition, and the Heritage Walk, which will take you past other bluestone properties, including the Siebel’s who started a dairy that became Pura Milk.

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100-102 Gardenia Road, Thomastown, Victoria

Corner of Ainwick Crescent


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