Western Land – a journey through our collection

This exhibition draws on the Society’s collection to tell stories that reflect the rich mix of cultures that have shaped Western Australia’s history, both before and after colonisation. Groups bookings welcome if pre-organised. Refer separate listing for open day and talk on 6 May.

All Western Australians, no matter what their heritage, have stories and treasured memorabilia that are integral to Western Australia’s history. The exhibition tells some of the many stories which make up that history by showcasing items from the rich collection of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society.

There are stories of discoveries, explorations and changing attitudes to the land, of prosperity and poverty, of personal and family struggles, triumphs and tragedies, of bush and town, and the cycle of lives.

This exhibition draws on the significant Royal Western Australian Historical Society library and museum collection, and the scholarship of its members, to present the kaleidoscope of Western Australian lives.

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49 Broadway, Nedlands, Western Australia

Corner of Broadway and Clark St. Enter from Clark St


10am to 4pm

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