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Waves of Change: the Beach at Cottesloe

What do you remember about Cottesloe Beach? Since the early 1900s it has been a place of escape for generations of West Australians and a stage for events that reflect the spirit of the times. Many people have strong memories of their time here. Come and see how things have changed.

Cottesloe Beach and its buildings have changed dramatically over time and plans are afoot for further changes. This exhibition looks at how Cottesloe Beach has evolved and follows its transformation from a collection of vulnerable wooden buildings, to a grand Centenary Pavilion, through to the Indiana we see today.

It also looks at what the beach has meant to us. Aboriginal people valued the coast here as an abundant source of food and an important spiritual site. The early settlers deemed it “barren and worthless” but the building of the jetty in 1906 saw Cottesloe Beach established as Perth’s first surf beach. Since then the beach has been a place for carnivals, festivals, concerts and protests, ranging from the patriotic festivals of the First World War, through to the beauty contests of the 1960s and now Sculpture by the Sea.

The exhibition includes maps, plans and photos, many from the Town of Cottesloe’s archives, some of which have not been displayed before.

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1 Leake Street, Peppermint Grove, WA

Monday - Thursday 9am - 6pm
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Sunday 12pm - 4pm

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Limited parking underneath. Good parking at shopping centre opposite.