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WA Police Historical Society Challenge

Are you good at finding evidence?
WA Police Historical Society Museum "Challenge" is a positive activity to employ investigation skills to solve a problem and find the answers to the questions as the visitor explores the memorabilia and exhibits from the history of Policing in Western Australia.

Thought you knew everything about Policing in WA? Maybe not! You are going to see things that you would not see on the streets of WA today.

Photographs and stories to see and ask questions of retired officers who were actually there.

Test your observation skills and see whether you can solve the problems in the “Challenge”.

And yes our history is not always pretty or right….we do not say it is but it is there and part of WA history. Policewomen wore frocks and bearded Policemen are not modern….our photos show some of the best beards you will ever see. Our vintage Anglia Police car delights fans of Heartbeat and Harry Potter.

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57 Lincoln Street, Highgate, Western Australia

Corner of Smith and Lincoln Street under the DUMAS FOLLY Tower


9am to 3pm Friday and Tuesday each week

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Less than 50
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some photographs may offend some visitors