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Visit the last Pensioner Guard cottage

Visit the oldest intact building in Bassendean and the only remaining Pensioner Guard Cottage in metropolitan Perth.

See inside a unique two room cottage built by convicts in 1856 to house the family of an Enrolled Pensioner Guard.

Experience the conditions lived in by settlers at the remotest colony in the British Empire.

Handle a musket issued to the Pensioner Guards and view the only known set of equipment issued to these guards.

Watch a short film of the history of the over 1,200 guards, who escorted nearly 10,000 male convicts to Western Australia, and saved the colony from economic collapse.

Support the efforts of the Bassendean Historical Society to restore the cottage and adjacent 1893 residence and retain the site in public ownership.

Open every Sunday between 10am & 2pm during the Heritage Festival at 1 Surrey St Bassendean.

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1 Surrey Street, Bassendean, Western Australia

Near corner of North Road


Sundays 10am to 2pm

Entry fees:
By donation
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
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