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Vikings: Warriors of the North, Giants of the Sea

Vikings: Warriors of the North, Giants of the Sea is your chance to learn the true stories of conquest, plunder, craft, trade and adventure which turned these Nordic people into heroes of myth and legend.

This exhibition features the largest collection of Vikings artefacts ever displayed in Western Australia. The exhibition features over 140 authentic artefacts dated between 750 and 1100 CE, each offering a unique glimpse into this riveting time in European history.

Within the exhibition you will find preserved Viking weaponry, jewellery, ceremonial and religious artefacts, tools, ancient currency, and even reconstructed portions of Viking ships.

When we think of Vikings, we think of fierce warriors wielding blades of iron and steel. We think of sleek, powerful vessels carrying fearless raiders across treacherous seas to invade foreign shores. Theirs was a time of conquest and colonisation, but the legacy of the Vikings is defined by more than the battles they won.

Come and explore the Viking Age through authentic artefacts.

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WA Maritime Museum, Peter Hughes Drive, Fremantle WA



9:30am - 5pm

Entry fees:
Adults $20, Children $12.50, Concession $15, Family $55
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