Victorian Public Art Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

The National Trust are working on creating a Wikipedia page documenting public artworks in Victoria. Join us for a practical training session on creating and edit a Wikipedia page with a focus on Public Art.

Victoria has a wealth of public art assets on permanent public display. While largely known locally, there is no centralised location for gathering information on these works, the artists or and their locations. The National Trust aims to set up a Wikipedia page to list public art on permanent public display throughout Victoria. While the city of Melbourne is well-documented, there are many significant works throughout regional Victoria. We welcome communities to assist the National Trust with this work by attending this information session on editing a Wikipedia page. We will be hosting an Edit-a-Thon later in 2019 to put these skills to practice. Join us for an informal training session to learn how to create and edit Wikipedia pages. Follow the instructions given and help us to create Wikipedia pages for each of these significant public art works.

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6 Parliament Place, East Melbourne, Victoria


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Prebooking required
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Less than 50
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