Victoria Barracks Brisbane Tour

A complete visitor experience involving engagement with current exhibition, historic presentation.

Enjoy a Devonshire Tea in the Officers’ Mess using traditional mess silver, one and half hour guided walking tour of a nineteenth century barracks precinct.

This museum collects, preserves and exhibits the history of British, Colonial Armies and the Australian Army in South Queensland from 1864 to the present.

Many residents of Brisbane are unaware of the historic precinct on Petrie Terrace which includes Victoria Barracks.  This peaceful complex, so close to Brisbane’s CBD includes buildings which date back to 1864, built on the orders of the first Governor of Queensland, Sir George Bowen.

The original colonial buildings are characteristic of a 19th century British Empire military barracks.  Over the years other buildings and extensions have ensured the Barracks have remained an important part of Queensland’s history, through two world wars, the Vietnam conflict and ongoing operations.

Visitors express delight with the surviving evidence of the colonial era.  Examples of this include the main barracks building, guardhouse and cells, parade ground, hospital, officers’ quarters and tennis court. The Barracks are strongly associated, through continued use, with the military.  It also has important connections with the Queensland Police Force and the mental health community. Victoria Barracks is a working barracks and a centre for social, educational and community activities facilitated by Army Museum South Queensland.

Pick up a souvenir booklet and digital photo of your tour group.

During your visit see the “Animals in War” exhibition that pays tribute to the sacrifices made by animals in war. This exhibition is included in this tour.

“Stories from Brisbane’s Victoria Barracks” is also available for purchase during the tour. This booklet tells the stories of the people who have worked at the Victoria Barracks Brisbane over the last 100 years.

Exhibition Only Tour:
You may wish to do the Exhibition Tour only  of “Animals in War” – this is available for $5 per person. Bookings are essential.

Event dates

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Victoria Barracks, Petrie Terrace, Queensland

Enter second drive way on the right hands side of gate.


Wednesday 18 April, 2, 9, 16 May - 9.15am to 12noon

Entry fees:
Adults $15, Children $7.50
Prebooking required 954 663
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
Onsite facilities:
Other things
you need to know:
Names and registration details of vehicles required in advance.