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Up and Down the Parramatta River – based on a newspaper article in the Australian Town and Country Journal in 1871

Come on a journey up and down the Parramatta River! This hour long presentation via Zoom link. follows a travelogue article written in 1871 describing people and places along the river and highlights some sites still there today.

Come on an online journey up and down the Parramatta River virtually via Zoom, and all in the comfort of your own home!
This talk by the National Trust (NSW) Parramatta Regional Branch Chairperson Cheryl Bates, follows the words of an anonymous author’s newspaper article that describes points of interest on the southern and northern banks of the Parramatta River in 1871.
Starting at Darling Harbour aboard the S.S. EMU, the presentation shows images from the 1870s as well as some of the landmarks still in existence 150 years later. Journey back in time along the colony’s first major transport link between our first and second settlement – Sydney to Parramatta.

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10am - 11am

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Prebooking requirednat.trust.parramatta@hotmail.comPlease RSVP via email. Zoom details will be sent closer to the event date.
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50 - 100