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Unmasked: celebrating Nursing and Midwifery, Victoria and beyond

An exhibition on loan from the Her Place Museum in Melbourne, on display at the Kyneton Town Hall. The exhibition pays tribute to the nurses and midwives of Australia, with a particular focus on Victoria.

Drawing on 230 years of history and set against a backdrop of social and political change, the exhibition highlights the multiple and diverse roles of nurses and midwives: in civilian and military life, in peacekeeping spheres, practice, politics, business, activism and advocacy.

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Kyneton Town Hall, 129 Mollison Street, Kyneton, Victoria


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Parking at Kyneton Town Hall is free, with all day parking available at the rear of the venue, although there is limited availability on week days. On-street parking is available in Hutton Street and other nearby streets, but please note the parking regulations. Drop off / pick up points To assist patrons, a three minute drop off and pick up point is located on Hutton Street, near the corner of Mollison Street.