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Trouble Makers and Crime Trivia

Immerse yourself in an evening of Crime Trivia, Cocktails and Sinister Stories of the past.

Historian Max Burns-McRuvie and SILY Bar will animate your passion for true crime stories through a unique series of live events in a heritage setting.

Join us for: Crimes, Quizzes, Cocktails and Connections.

We are obsessed with true crime stories the world over. They are dangerous, juicy and often death-defying. We listen to them on podcasts, watch them in documentaries and follow them on the daily news.

This event invites audiences to extend their understanding of local, national and international crime history through immersive storytelling sessions followed by an evening of interactive crime trivia and signature cocktails.

Connect with criminology (from a safe distance) while we investigate sinister stories of: Swindlers, Serial Killers, Sly groggers, Cut-throats, Cannibals, Cat burglars, Bushrangers, Body snatchers, Butchers, Poisoners, Push gangs, Pimps, Embezzlers, Executioners, Escapists, Rebellions, Razor wars, Rum smugglers, Drug dealers, Delinquents, and Door-knockers.

Presented with imagery, audio and a fantastic small-bar setting to match, these community-minded events will be the first of a new monthly series hosted by crime historian Max Burns-McRuvie and SILY B.

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338 Kent Street, Sydney, New South Wales

Located on Kent Street, between King and Market Street.


14 May - door open at 6.30, event starts at 7pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 15
Prebooking requiredhttps://bookings.nowbookit.com/?accountid=b0999bad-d078-4049-9f70-8992b79f034e&theme=light&accent=hex,000000&venueid=5809&font=Noto%20Sans&date=2024-05-14&serviceids=event_1QOS3MN6W05V0_1712017002383
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
Onsite facilities:
Other things
you need to know:
Parking available in the Wilson Parking at 383 Kent St