The Power of Stories Connects Us All To Our PastVictor Harbor National Trust Museum

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The Power of Stories Connects Us All To Our Past

The Power of story will be made available to the visitors as they follow a Story Trail through the museum and custom house. The Trail will highlight people and places of historical significance to Victor Harbor's own story and connecting the visitor to memories of their own past stories.

Each visitor will be given a self-guide map of the Story Trail which will lead them through the two buildings of the museum, firstly, the interpretive building and then to the gardens and the beautiful old Custom and Harbor Master House, built in 1866. Each story will reflect the importance to Victor Harbor’s history and reveal information not always available in the displays. The various stories are about people, places and events that have occurred over the years and have contributed to the establishment of the Victor Harbor we know now.

Visitors will be able to submerge themselves in the stories and perhaps reignite stories of their own from past experiences which connect them to Victor Harbor. We hope that after their visit they will leave with a better sense of how important stories from the past are to understanding that history belongs to us all and is not ours to erase but to learn from. They will then have the opportunity to browse in the Gift Shop.

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1 Flinders Parade, Victor Harbor, SA

11am to 3pm, Wednesday to Sunday

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Adults $ 6, Children $ 4, Family $ 16
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