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The Perth Audiowalks

The Audiowalks are a great way to discover stories from Perth's history while walking through the landscape where they happened. Participants choose a walk from the site at www.audiowalkswa.com.au, stream it through their device and follow narrator Monica Main's directions as they walk the path.

The audiowalks offer a memorable cultural experience unlike any other in Perth, and at no charge.

There are walks along the sea front in Cockburn and Stirling and river walks in Melville, Swan and soon Victoria Park.

While walking, listen to little known stories from the deep history of the formation of the Swan to strange and often brilliant characters. from the recent past.

Anybody able to download the MP.3 can take a walk. The routes have been mapped so they are both scenic and accessible to listeners with mobility issues.

They are a great opportunity for people with physical disabilities or mental health issues to get outside and learn some history about the local area.

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Across Perth

There are several walks to choose from. Go to the website at www.audiowalkswa.com.au and select one.


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the website to stream the walks is www,audiowalkswa.com.au