The Great Parramatta History Challenge – For Experts

Still wary of Covid? Then join us for this free, live and online expert level history quiz, featuring three top-secret expert-level topics.

Parramatta has played a central role in Australian history. From its beginnings as the traditional lands of the Baramadagal people of the Dharug nation, which it will always remain, it has evolved to become a central focus of colonial life, a place of industry, a safe haven for waves of migrants and now a vibrant city.

This engaging quiz will test your knowledge of some of the lesser-known aspects of history and heritage associated with Parramatta. At the end of each round there will be a Who am I or a What am I question, which could totally change the leaderboard!

Delve into your memory to reveal your knowledge of the stories of Parramatta; we guarantee you’ll also discover some new aspects of this amazing city!

You can play as an individual, or as a team. You will need a pen and paper to write your answers and compile your scores.

If the expert round sounds too challenging, try the Great Parramatta History Challenge for Beginners on Friday 6 May.

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2pm- 3pm

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