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The Fish Shack Exhibition

A tactile exhibition of nets, knots, pots and ropes was created to honour the men and women of Fremantle’s fishing community.

This tactile, draped exhibition of nets, knots, pots, ropes and shells will honour the men and women of Fremantle’s fishing community and reconnect you to our rich fishing heritage.

Explore the different styles of nets and pots that were used in the past and view images from the City of Fremantle’s History collection and private collections projected daily.

Meander amongst the sculptures of local artists interpretation of fishing species.

Try your hand at the rope skills that are still an integral part of fishing along with workshops in whipping splicing, net making and fish prints and more.

Opening Night will feature a ‘Stickies Demonstration’. This is the rare trade of the craypot making weaving process. Enjoy humourous banter while they keep alive the age-old tradition of hand-woven craypots.

Workshops: Please see ‘Fish Shack Exhibition – Workshops’ listing.
Opening Night: Please see ‘Fish Shack Exhibition Opening ‘ listing.

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1 Peter Hughes Drive, Fremantle, Western Australia

B Shed on the wharf at Victoria Quay is a large internal shed space with large cargo doors. B Shed houses Rottnest Express but access to the exhibition will be available through the large cargo doors adjacent to the car parking area out front.


Exhibition Open from - 10am to 5pm

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Parking at B Shed can fill up. It is recommend arriving early; planning ahead and or looking for alternative parking options.