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The Fenwick Historical Walking Tour & Lunch

Discover the history of East Balmain as Sydney historian Max Burns-McRuvie from Journey Walks whisks you away to an earlier era, with stories of Balmains culture, mystery & colourful characters. You will meet at The Fenwick, be taken on a historical walking tour before returning for a 2 course lunch

William Balmain was a sea-faring surgeon who pioneered medicine and traded in rum. While he fought duals, saved lives and fell in love with a convict; Sydney mostly remembers his name because he was given an amazing piece of land fronting the harbour. Two centuries later, we invite you to wander through the rich history of Balmain on a guided walking tour to discover a side of the inner west suburb you’ve never seen before.

With a focus on the harbour-side heritage of this unique stretch of Sydney, the tour will examine its early architecture and recall its colourful characters. From the maritime merchants of the Fenwick Stores, to the thirsty ferrymen of the Shipwright’s Arms; and from the surviving colonial mansions of its earliest years, to the long-lost tramline that once ran right to the wharf — this is a chance to explore the many faces of this important and historic neighbourhood.

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2-8 Weston Street, Balmain East, New South Wales

10am- 2pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 115, Children $ 115, Concession $ 115
Prebooking required
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
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