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The Coogee Audiowalk

The Coogee Audiowalk is a self-guided audiowalk. Listeners go to the webpage, download the MP3 and follow the instructions. As you take the walk you will asked to stop and maked locations, press 'play' and listen to a story connected with that location or a visible site.

What is the connection between Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Coogee? Why was Yagan imprisoned at Carnac Island and what did Robert Menli Lyon have to do with it? And what, really, are the odds of being taken by a shark in Cockburn Sound? Listen to the Coogee Audiowalks to find the answers to these questions among a dozen other stories from the area’s past. Cockburn has a central place in the history of white settlement in W.A. Captain Stirling briefly considered making Garden Island the site of the Swan River Colony settlement, Thomas Peel’s disastrous colony was set up here, and early collectors visited this coastline identifying plants and animals. Later on, John Forrest would fight to have Cockburn Sound the site of the port, while C. Y. O’Connor argued persuasively for Fremantle. Along the way there are stories of honeymooners, holidaymakers and at least one mysterious death.The Coogee Audiowalk is a way of directly engaging with the history along the path.

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Beach Road, Coogee, Western Australia

CKB3 Marker at Catherine Point, Coogee.


10am Start. The walk takes approximately 1 hour.

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Water and suncream provided but bring hats and don't forget your smartphone.