The Burrells of Arthurs Seat Run

Dr. Will Twycross is a descendant of the Burrell/Twycross family and author of the Burrell publication currently available at the McCrae Homestead. Dr Twycross will give an informative talk about the family and their seventy six years of occupation in the Homestead.

Dr. Twycross has a great interest in the detailed mapping of the district, particularly in the early settlement days around the McCrae area. As the family lived in the district from 1851 through to 1927 they experienced the earliest years of the area’s expansion and development. Will’s great grandfather John Twycross, born in 1871, was a renowned photographer from around the 1920s and many of his exquisite images (no digital cameras then) are displayed in the Burrell Twycross Collection and Museum, adjacent to the entry lobby at the Homestead property. Early family members were also involved in local politics and largely responsible for the demarcation of the State Forest atop Arthurs Seat. Following the presentation, afternoon refreshments will be served.

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11 Beverley Road, McCrae, Victoria

Beverley Rd can be accessed from either Bartels & Burrell Sts & Coburn Avenue & Burrell Street


2pm to 4pm

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