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The Benalla Cemetery – A Walk In The Past

Take the guided tour to where it all began.
Meet our earliest families, the unknown and the infamous.
Don't be fooled by what you see!
Who was in charge then, what went wrong, and who's in charge now?
Tread through history, with an eye to the future.

As the pioneers of small communities thrived – and died – so did the need for cemeteries; ‘Resting Places’, that honoured our dearly departed and endeavoured to uphold their memory.

In this on site Walk and Talk you will learn of how the first Victorian cemeteries were established, and who was given responsibility to manage them. You will learn of the rituals and practices of the time and the hidden meanings behind the many memorials to be seen.

With particular focus on Benalla’s cemetery, you will visually see how it expanded from simple beginnings, catering for each successive generation. Learn where it entered into the Ned Kelly story, and the fruitful partnerships it has enjoyed over recent years.

But it is not all about the past! What does the future hold? Will burial practices change and will we run out of room? All this and more; limited only by your questions and the time we have to answer them.

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Cemetery Road, Benalla, Victoria

2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

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