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Sunday Seminars: Secrets of the Deep

Join us in investigating the mysteries of shipwrecks and the wonders that lie beneath the ocean's surface. Whether it’s exploring historic shipwrecks or discovering what lives down in Perth Canyon, WA Museum’s scientists are working with other experts to deepen our understanding of what lies beneath

Sunday 21 April | Behind the Scenes aboard Titanic
Hear surprising fact about the most recognisable images of Titanic

Join Chris Frame, maritime author and co-host of The Big Cruise Podcast for a Titanic talk that delves into the ship’s story pre-sinking and highlights fascinating imagery of the internal spaces aboard the ship. Chris also reveals a surprising fact about the most recognisable images of Titanic, something that always amazes his audiences.

Sunday 28 April | Conservation of Titanic artefacts
Find out why the Titanic wreck is covered with soft bodied organisms.

When objects fall into the sea, they begin to change their nature and the decay processes build up complex matrixes that can be protective or injurious. Subtle changes take place in the ocean chemistry in deep water. At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, marine organisms cannot deposit calcareous skeletons so the Titanic wreck is covered with non-protective soft bodied organisms like sea-squirts and anemone

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Victoria Quay Road, Fremantle WA 6160

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Sunday 21 April | 2pm - 3pm
Sunday 28 April | 2pm - 3pm

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