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Let us show you the vibrant and dynamic street art scene of Freo! From stencils to paste ups, graffiti to murals, illegal pieces to commissions, we've got it all.
Street art and graffiti has a long history in Australia and this tour foregrounds the layers of it’s history within our port city

Come with us to take a deep dive into the street art scene of Fremantle with our 2hr Street Art WALK tour. We will discover some of Freo’s most iconic pieces that established the scene through to large scale commissions to the ever changing face of our illegal street art culture. Street art, graffiti, mark making & street murals reveal layers of history made by the people of a city – it’s fleeting, only for a moment in time, but shares a continuum of creation and body work.

While we walk the streets and back alleys of Freo we will chat about the differences in graffiti and street art. From the humble starting point of tags, legal VS illegal graffiti through to murals and commissioned pieces. This tour comes from our passion and interest in street art as well loads of chats with local artists, shop owners and supporters of street art in Fremantle. We are not just pointing out street art, we are telling the stories and opinions of the artists themselves who help make Freo – Freo.

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31 Market Street, Fremantle WA, Australia, Fremantle, Western Australia

3pm to 5pm

Entry fees:
Adults $10, Children $10, Concession $10
Prebooking required
Attendance limit:
Less than 50