Stories of our Heritage Gardens

Join the Friends of Warrnambool Botanic Gardens on a special guided tour of our heritage listed gardens led by curator & botanical fashion icon John Sheely.

Warrnambool Botanic Garden has been a work in progress for 157 years. It means many things to many people: a scientific selection of plants, a venue for important community events and social gatherings, open space for the kids to run wild in. By joining this special tour with curator John Sheely, you will hear some of the stories of the past and also the current and future directions for our William Guilfoyle designed, heritage listed gardens. Over a cup of tea at the end of the tour, participants have a chance to share their memories of times spent in the WBG.

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Warrnambool Botanic Gardens, Cockman Street, Warrnambool, Victoria

Meet at the Rotunda.



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