Stories from Early Bridgetown

Stories from early settlers to Bridgetown, taken from oral histories recorded over 40 years ago, will be displayed in the Bridgetown Police Station Museum. Rarely heard but not forgotten, step back in time: learn about their hardships and home-grown entertainment as they carved a life in this town.

Thanks to a local historian, many elderly Bridgetown residents were interviewed and their stories recorded in the 70s and 80s.

These stories would have been lost if the oral histories had not been taken, and Bridgetown Historical Society can now display many of these stories on posters, bringing to life the hardships that the first residents of the town endured as they carved out a life in the bush.

Learn about their lives, harvesting, turning scrub into arable land, learning to deal with remoteness, shopping once a year and many more stories of early life in Bridgetown.

Photographs will add another dimension to the stories and some of the oral recordings will be played inside the museum as you wander through.

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148 Hampton Street, Bridgetown, Western Australia

The Museum is tucked back off the street frontage, directly opposite the service station. The Police Quarters, adjacent to the Museum, are not open to the public.


Monday to Saturday 10 am to 1 pm

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