Stitched Up: Stitch , Play, Cloth

Do you know what Stumpwork is?
See our Display and Demonstration of Embroidery and Textile Arts, traditional and contemporary and you might find out!
Guild members will be stitching using a variety of different techniques and showing off the magic of Stitch.

Our Display shows a small collection of traditional and modern embroidery. Talk to us and see us stitching. Find out how it’s done.

Canvas work, Cross stitch, Blackwork, Crewel, Counted Thread, Stumpwork, Surface stitching and embellishment, Beading, Lace making and Patchwork are just some of our passions.

Some of us even paint and print before we embroider, and make our finished work into artists books.

Books from the library can also lead you into the joys of stitch.

Visit us and try out some stitching- have a go!

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163 High Street, Belmont, Victoria

10am - 5pm

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