South Perth’s Old Mill – Fact and Fiction

The Old Mill has been through extraordinary changes in the last 183 years. Architectural historian Prof John Stephens and historical novelist Prof Ian Reid will give an illustrated and integrated presentation on the many-faceted cultural history of this landmark community building.

Perth’s oldest surviving domestic structure has been adapted to various purposes, including a resort hotel, a police station, and a folk museum. It has also figured prominently in numerous art works and in tales that sometimes go beyond historical certainties. William Shenton, pioneering settler and entrepreneur, built it as a commercial venture in 1835; Margaret Hamersley, future wife of Premier Sir John Forrest, inherited it in 1874, using it later as a venue for artists; Satan Browne, a talented but ill-fated ex-convict, leased it in 1879 and converted it into something very strange… These are only a few aspects of the Old Mill’s colourful heritage. Come and hear Ian Reid and John Stephens talk about the evolution of the Old Mill and some of the fascinating stories that surround it, factual and fictional.

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Melville Place, South Perth, Western Australia

Access via Mill Point Road.


Wednesday 16th May - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

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