Size matters – Miniature Paintings Exhibition

Enjoy a collection of exquisite miniature paintings by local artists, inspired by the miniature paintings carried by early European settlers at the Swan River Colony.

A miniature is usually considered small enough to be held in the hand. Renowned miniature painter Samuel Cooper (1609-1672) once said that a miniature painting “is not a small painting but rather a life size painting in the little.”

When early European settlers first arrived at the Swan River Colony one of the ways in which they could carry the image of their loved ones or their original homes was through miniature paintings.

Although interest has waned since the introduction of photography in the 1820’s, this visual art form has been kept alive around the world by artists, miniature art societies, and dedicated collectors of miniatures. Many prestigious art galleries hold and exhibit collections of valuable miniature paintings.

The Artists of the Watercolour Society of WA have revived this fascinating art form, creating exquisite miniature paintings for all to enjoy.

Event dates

Event Details

WA Maritime Museum, Victoria Quay Road, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Saturday 30 March - Sunday 21 July 2024
9.30am - 5.00pm, every day.

Entry fees:
Adults $ 15, Concession $ 10
Attendance limit:
Onsite facilities: