Sherbrooke & Bulli Mountain – of Convicts, Boat People, “Duchesses” & Dharawal

Boat People of Bulli Mountain - Convicts, their children, impoverished Immigrants like an Irish "Duchess" Girl on the Duchess of Northumberland pre the 1840's Famine Years. Later those in Sherbrooke were evicted for Cataract Dam - just as their forbears had appropriated the land from the Dharawal

Discover stories and photos of the Pioneer “Boat People” of Sherbrooke & Bulli Mountain, shared by the Sherbrooke Sisters.

Mostly it seemed Protestants were at Sherbrooke & Catholics on nearby slopes. Impoverished Immigrants like an1830’s Irish “Duchess” Girl on the Duchess of Northumberland. Even the writer Rachel Henning was there for a time with brother Biddulph.

Names of families like Blinkco Spinks Reeve Brown Hunt Charlesworth Hapgood Haberley Hildebrand Knight Loveday Smithers Wales Dumbrell Winley. Some of their forebears were convicts, even of First Fleet Origins. And poor immigrants came from England, Ireland & German States in the 19th Century.

Learn where to find more on the Dharawal and the infamous 1816 Appin Massacre of Dharawal people when Governor Macquarie declared war on Australia’s First Peoples.

Perhaps you may even hear from a Bulli Mountain descendant of one of the many “almost lost” stories to be teased out from the Shadowlands of the Past.

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Black Diamond Heritage Centre - Bulli Railway Station East, Bulli, NSW

Black Diamond Heritage Centre - Bulli Railway Station East
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