Shared Stories – Winton Wetlands Yarning and Gathering Pathway

This Lotjpatj Natjan Danak sculpture walk at Winton Wetlands is a new creation of cultural works representing many essential elements of life and belief for Yorta Yorta and other indigenous groups. Created by talented Yorta Yorta artists, it makes an ideal self-guided walk this time of year.

This Self-Guided Sculpture Walk at Winton Wetlands is a creation of cultural works that represent ancestors; totems and special places; spirituality; ceremonies and cultural practices; histories and knowledge systems; ecology and seasons; plants; insects; birds and animals; rivers; creeks; sky stories and ancient creations. Four years in the making, with work on display from 15 talented Yorta Yorta artists, it is a must-see item at Winton Wetlands. Works are placed along an easy walking track in the vicinity to the Hub & Cafe complex,

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652 Lake Mokoan Road, Winton North, Victoria

Winton Wetlands is open to the public at all times. The Hub & Cafe complex is open 9am-4pm seven days a week. Hub & Cafe opening times can vary on public holidays. These will be advised in advance on the website - - on Facebook and Instagram. Phone inquiries: 03 5747 7117

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The walking paths have a gravel surface and are regularly maintained, but special care should be taken during poor weather.