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Shared Stories - School Days
This magnificent heritage building is a local prominent landmark. People will now have the opportunity to see how the college has transformed into a modern educational facility whilst retaining the history and heritage buildings.

FCJ College Benalla is an educational institution steeped in history and tradition. This magnificent heritage building was built as a convent in 1900 for the Faithful Companions of Jesus Community. It has served as both a primary and secondary as well as a boarding school. FCJ College has been a significant venue in the Benalla and District and formed a strong link with immigrants over those years, particularly immigrants connected to the Benalla Migrant Camp after the second world war. Stories and recollections from students who were or have been associated with Benalla Migrant Camp as well as previous alumni are recording their stories to be shared.

FCJ College Archives will be open to all interested persons on Wednesday May 3rd from 1pm till 3pm and Thursday May 4th from 10am till 12 noon. On Saturday May 6th the college archives will also be opened from 1.30pm till 8pm. Tours of the college and light refreshments will be available.

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36 Arundel Street, Benalla, Victoria

Wed 3rd May 1pm - 3pm
Thur 4th May 10am - 12pm
Sat 6th May 1.30pm - 8pm

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