Scenes from the Schoolhouse

Discover school life of days gone past at the Wanneroo Schoolhouse! Practice your copperplate writing, take part in a clue hunt, make your own spinning top, and dress up for an old school photo. Fun for adults and children alike!

Gelignite under the school.

A dedicated schoolmaster trudging 5 hours to class each week.

These are just two of the extraordinary stories from the Wanneroo Schoolhouse, which opened in 1899 and saw hundreds of local children through its doors before closing in 1959.

Come and discover these stories, tour the schoolhouse and nearby Buckingham House, and enjoy olden day school activities and games.

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10 Neville Drive, Wanneroo, WA

Limited parking available on Neville Drive - park at nearby Scenic Drive, where there is a footpath leading to the Schoolhouse and Buckingham House.


10am to 12pm

Entry fees:
Attendance limit:
50 - 100
Onsite facilities: