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RPH History Unmasked!

In a special weekend opening visit RPH Museum and discover the beating heart of WA’s longest serving hospital. Examine the surprising stories, passionate people and marvellous medicine that have helped us on the road to recovery since 1855.

Can you imagine a world without X-ray or anaesthesia? If you’re curious to see where these ground-breaking inventions were first used in Western Australia and how far medicine and healthcare have come, head to the RPH Museum.

You’ll discover the journey from a desperately underfunded colonial hospital to a leading trauma and teaching hospital. One of our collection highlights, an iron lung, illustrates the terrifying polio epidemic and how a patient’s need for constant ventilation led to the establishment of the Intensive Care Unit.

In a special event, ‘How a Little Girl Saved the World’, join guest speaker and author Professor Matt Morgan as he shares stories from the frontline of medicine in a talk that weaves through the wonders of science and takes us on a tour of the Intensive Care Unit.

Explore stories and staff and patients and celebrate advances in medicine, technology and health care initiated at RPH. You’ll be glad you’re living in 2023!

To book special events during the open weekend please visit:

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RPH Museum 10 - 14 Murray St Perth M Block Level 2 Ground Floor, Perth, Western Australia

We are located in Murray Street in the Historic East End opposite the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Heritage Centre.

Entry is through the gate under the huge Moreton Bay Fig Tree that hangs over Murray Street.


Special weekend museum opening: 10am – 2pm Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April

General museum opening: usual hours (Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am – 2pm)

Talk - How a Little Girl Saved the World, Saturday 15 April 1pm – 1.45pm. Places limited, book via link in main text.

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Red Cat Bus stops on Murray Street. Other Historic East End sites open on the same weekend.