Remembering the Past, Embracing the Future

The past and future come together in our exciting video of local youth and seniors. Discover their thoughts about their town's history and where it is heading. In addition, we are showcasing Campbelltown Library's unique and interesting historical treasures.

Campbelltown’s seniors and youth share their thoughts about their own life experiences in our video ‘Remembering the Past, Embracing the Future’. Learn what they believe the future holds for Campbelltown and how they think the city’s future should be shaped. The difference in ages will make for a fascinating comparison!

Videos of these discussions will be made available through social media and the library’s website. We are also bringing out our amazing treasures. Featured will be everything from our famous ‘ghost post’ to our foot plaster cast of a dinosaur that walked around Macquarie Fields 200 million years ago.

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1 Hurley Street, Campbelltown, NSW

Opposite Koshigaya Park


9.30am-8.00pm Monday to Friday
9.00am-4.00pm Saturday
10.30am-4.00pm Sunday

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