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Remembering Newstead Railway Station

Newstead Arts Hub is on a mission. A mission to capture the stories of the working railway station and its role in the town’s history: share your memories, stories and photos.

Come along to our Open Day at the Newstead Railway Station – now a thriving community art space – and share your stories and memories about the railway station.

Driven by the curiosity of visitors to exhibitions at the Arts Hub, we are seeking answers to the question, ‘Tell me about this building?’ Some aspects of that history are known, but much more remains to be discovered. Do you remember the day the circus came to town on the train? Maybe you rode the last train, or remember your first train trip to or from the station? Were you part of a station family or the works crew?

At our Open Day at the old railway station on Saturday 22nd April, 10am-4pm, we’ll display what we know about the history, and invite you to share your stories, memories and connections to this important historic building. Bring along any railway memorabilia or photos and we’ll document them along with your stories. All welcome.

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8A Tivey Street, Newstead, Victoria

Located on the corner of Tivey & Simpson Streets, Newstead, opposite Newstead Memorial Park.



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Picnic in Memorial Park opposite.