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Proud to be a Nurse

Who were the young nurses who trained at Williamstown Hospital from 1907-1993? This exhibition curated by former nurse, Wendy Cavanagh (nee Hem) explores their many stories, photos and memorabilia from 1900 to 2022.

“The proudest moment of my life was when I put my nurses uniform on for the first time in 1959.”
Margaret McCahill (nee Grieve).

They arrived as strangers and developed friendships that lasted decades. The value of this camaraderie cannot be underestimated. It enabled them to work as a team, supporting each other caring for their sick and dying patients, during difficult and trying personal and clinical situations. The exhibition is the culmination of five years of research and explores the many stories, photos and memorabilia of this most extraordinary of professions.

Use the Proud to be a Nurse interactive table display in the Heritage Room to search for the names of former nurses, zoom right into photos and explore archives.

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104 Ferguson Street, Williamstown, Victoria

Sunday 10:00 AM–04:00 PM
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