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Pingelly Heritage Festival 2023

The Pingelly Heritage Festival features a heritage drive trail and walking trail which allows unique access to many private heritage buildings (and usually closed public buildings). Converse directly with the building's owners about the captivating stories and conservation of their building.

Join us for a journey through time at the Pingelly Heritage Festival!

Explore the historic drive trail and embark on a heritage walk, gaining insight into the town’s rich history.

Experience the magic of our historic private buildings, opened exclusively for this special occasion.

Listen to captivating historic stories that bring the past to life.

Marvel at the rare collection of sulkies and buggies on display.

Immerse yourself in the past at the museum and view the old courthouse and town hall opened for this event.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the heritage of Pingelly as the Moorumbine Church (the original Pingelly settlement) turns 150.

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Parade Street, Pingelly, Western Australia

Public Heritage Buildings opened 8am - 6pm, Private Heritage Buildings open as scheduled in the tour information.

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