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Perth – Arcades & Laneways

Where did Perth get its name? Who was Yagan? Where is the best street art? You’ll discover all the answers on Perth’s most informative tour – Arcades and Laneways. Explore downtown Perth via the pedestrian friendly malls, ornate arcades, trendy laneways, back streets and dirty alleys.

Originally not of any interest to the British, it was only when French and Dutch explorers started sniffing around that the English decided there should be a colony in the West of Australia. Starting at the historic Perth Town Hall, the tour winds through the lanes and arcades that cut through the city as you learn all about the stories, people and places that make Perth what it is.

You may explore landmarks including The State Buildings and Yagan Square with fascinating stories delivered by a knowledgeable tour guide. No stone goes unturned on this tour. At the end of the tour, relax at a cool local bar where the first drink is on us. A great afternoon out in Perth.

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601 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia

2pm to 4pm

Entry fees:
Adults $ 50, Children $ 40.00
Prebooking required
Attendance limit:
Less than 50