Parc Menai 2022

Enjoy a pleasant afternoon of Celtic Heritage and displays of Celtic music, song and dance at Parc Menai Celtic Festival.

A Festival of over 20 years commemoration of the Celtic origins of the area and its people.
Commencing with an inspection of the Cromlech slate gates, a gift from the Nation of Wales to the Welsh descendants of the Menai area.
Enjoy the action, colour and excitement of Dancers from Irish and Scottish Dance Schools, and Ceili dancers as well.
Listen to the skirl of the Pipe band and the enchanting lilt of the Sydney Welsh Choir.
In the beautiful park setting of Parc Menai and within the central Bandstand, bring a picnic or just enjoy the presentations.

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Duncomb Place, Menai, New South Wales

12noon - 4pm

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Parking at Menai Market Place