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Our Hospital – Our Community

Australia's First Notable Town - Maldon is about more than its rich Goldfields. The Museum's permanent exhibition traces the history of Maldon from its Indigenous peoples, through the pastoral years and discovery of Gold, and the development of the Maldon township.

The Museum is housed in the unique former Market Hall, which is significant as a rare example of an early surviving market hall. It is the earliest extant market hall in Victoria and demonstrates a direct link with the English tradition of markets. Originally built in 1860, the hall underwent many transformations; holding Church meetings, being the town pound, and housing the fire engine and a giant underground tank (still in existence) before becoming the Council Chambers and Shire Hall. Maldon District Museum and History Research Centre have been proud occupants of the building since 1966.

The permanent exhibition traces the development of Maldon from its beginnings. A special temporary display for the Heritage Festival is titled “Our Hospital – Our Community” and reflects on the contribution of the Maldon community to the development of our Hospital.

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93 High Street, Maldon, Victoria

Museum is located in the Shire Gardens.


11:30 am to 2:00pm.

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Adults $ 2.5, Children $ 0.00
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