‘Optimism, Opportunities and Achievement’

'Optimism, Opportunities and Achievement': A reflection on the Centenary of Local Government in Dandenong in 1973

An exhibition reflecting on the Centenary of Local Government in Dandenong celebrations held in 1973 and the profound cultural changes in the City of Greater Dandenong over the last fifty years that have created the vibrant, cosmopolitan, culturally enriched community that it is today.

The Centenary of Local Government celebrations in Dandenong in 1973 was a community celebration by a thriving, growing community confident in its future, an emerging industrial and manufacturing powerhouse but a place still with the ambience of a country town. Post WW2 migration mainly from Europe offered steady employment and the growing population planted the seeds for a new cosmopolitan future where families enjoyed a sense of security and optimism that was a great place to call home. The 1973 Centenary reflected these changes in the many displays, exhibitions, formal dinner, and ball as well as The Pageant of Progress attended by an estimated crowd of 60,000.

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66 McCrae Street, Dandenong, Victoria

Wednesday to Friday, 10am-2pm

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