Online Art-Quilt Exhibition: Country, Flora and Fauna

Learn why Country holds significance for Aboriginal people. Short slide-shows of art quilts take you to Wetlands of the Swan Coastal Plain, along the Perth foreshore, and to iconic inland and coastal places in Western Australia.

Country and Culture are celebrated through our art quilts which have been appraised and commended by Aboriginal reference groups. Our 16-piece ‘Wetlands’ set depicts landscapes, flora and fauna.

Captions identify Aboriginal significance. The set has been purchased by the National Museum of Australia for their Environmental Gallery which will open this year. Our ‘Balbuk’s Country’ quilt set celebrates the life of Fanny Balbuk (1840-1907), a Noongar woman, whose traditional lands were along the Perth foreshore. Our ‘Expanse’ set depicts iconic inland and coastal places, from north to south of our state, with captions that identify Aboriginal significance. Then we take you on a visual journey with our Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Festival quilts that celebrate night sky understandings of Aboriginal people and rock formations in the area. Last we recognise C Y O’Connor’s contribution to the development of Western Australia with our Kalgoorlie Pipeline quilts.

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