NSW Hickory Shaft Championship

NSW Hickory Championships at Bowral Golf Club offers the opportunity to see players using the 100 year old clubs in competition. Visitors can try out the clubs and even play in the event (hickory clubs provided).

Golf was originally played with wooden clubs, the shafts were made out of hickory wood due to its strength and flexibility. These hickory clubs were used when golf was first played at Gross Farm (now Sydney University) in 1839. The clubs were used up until 1930 when steel shafted clubs were approved.
At the NSW Hickory Championships you can see how these 100 year old clubs can still be used to good effect.
The event venue, Bowral Golf Club, in the beautiful Southern Highlands was founded in 1901 and is ideal for hickory play.

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Kangaloon Road, Bowral, New South Wales

Thursday 20th April - Noon to 4pm
Friday 21st April - 8am to Noon

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Prebooking requiredlesnkate@bigpond.net.au
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The event is on a golf course