Newtown 1: The Main Road

This walk on the north side of Newtown looks at this place in its heyday when its easily-accessible grand stores made it the biggest ‘shopping emporium’ south of the city.

We’ll see places associated with a strong network of church-going capitalists, a perverse Colonial Architect, a well-proportioned ‘Green Man’, the State Government’s ill-fated theatre, Christian zealots and pleasure-seekers, a grand but ill-fated property scheme, as well as Miss Eliza Donnithorne.

Mark Matheson, former editor with the Royal Australian Historical Society leads this tour and adds newly-uncovered facts and documented anecdotes about this time when Newtown was very much a colony of the British empire.

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Newtown Railway Station, 330 King Street 2042, Newtown, NSW
Newtown Railway Station, 330 King Street
10am to 12.30pm
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Adults $5, Children $$ 0.00, Concession $5, Family $$ 10.00
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Less than 50
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(Bring water and all-weather gear. Refreshments and toilets available before and after)