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Newport Archives

Newport Archives is an audio walk created by Tamara Saulwick for The Substation, which contemplates the connections between time, place and memory.

Inspired by The Substation building’s own story, the work draws on interviews with local residents to open small windows into a Newport of a different era… an era of ships and trains. Equipped with headphones and an mp3 player as their guide, participants walk unaccompanied through Newport’s streets immersed in a sound world that uncannily knits the present with the past and memory with imagination. Created in part from interviews with local residents and in part from a range of field recordings which have been processed, cut up, and rearranged; pre-recorded sounds intermingle with the here-and-now, memory and imagination merge, fact blurs with fiction, and time and place are uncannily reconfigured.

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1 Market Street, Newport, Victoria

Enter via main doors at top of ramp/steps


12 noon-6pm

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Prebooking required
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
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This event is not wheelchair accessible, needs comfortable walking shows, limit one person per tour, best to bring own headphones