Newport Archives

Newport Archives is an audio walk created by Tamara Saulwick for The Substation, which contemplates the connections between time, place and memory.

Created from interviews with local residents and a range of field recordings which have been processed, cut up, and rearranged. Explore Newport as you listen to pre-recorded sounds that intermingle with the here-and-now. Quiet streets are layered with recollections both strange and familiar and unassuming doorways are suddenly imbued with the mystery of what may lie beyond. Memory and imagination merge, fact blurs with fiction, and time and place are uncannily reconfigured in this immersive sound experience.

Creator/Director: Tamara Saulwick

Audio Design: Joe Talia

Duration: 40 mins (1 participant per session)

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1 Market Street, Newport, Victoria

Please note, this activity is not wheelchair accessible and takes place both indoors and outdoors.

In line with The Substation’s Covid Safe plan, we request that participants bring their own headphones if possible. We recommend over ear headphones for the best experience. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
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Wed 20 April - Thurs 21 April, 12pm-6pm
Fri 22 April - Sat 23 April, 12pm-8pm
Wed 27 April - Thurs 28 April, 12pm-6pm
Fri 29 April - Sat 30 April, 12pm-8pm

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Less than 50
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Not wheelchair accessible