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Myths, Legends and Gods: Lindsay and his world

This exhibition features Norman Lindsay’s world merged with the world of legend and mythology and his artworks and sculptures including the legendary Sphinx.

Norman Lindsay gained great pleasure from reading adventure stories, ancient myths and legends. He loved the Greek gods, the lost world of Atlantis, the haunting Sirens, and in particular, Homer’s epic, The Odyssey.

That myths and legends were both his inspiration and fascination is evident by the many artworks wherein fantastical creatures such as nymphs, fauns, satyrs, centaurs, sphinx and sirens appear.

Lindsay’s world merged with the world of legend and his artworks and sculptures included everything from the legendary Sphinx, who guarded the road to Thebes, to Satyrs and Fauns, who were the companions to Dionysus, and Sirens, who represented the sea song that lured mariners to their death. His inspiration came from the Greek Gods such as Pan, Eros, and Aphrodite and fantastic creatures like the Pegasus, Unicorns, Centaurs and Mermaids, and all of these are represented .

Offered to the public as part of wider exhibition dates at Norman Lindsay Gallery, 10 February – 30 May 2022.

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14 Norman Lindsay Crescent, Faulconbridge, New South Wales

10am - 4pm, Thursday - Monday. Last entry 3pm.

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Adults $ 17, Children $ 15.00, Concession $ 15, Family $ 45.00, Members $ Free
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